As a rule your therapy appointment will encompass a variety of the available healing therapies, according to your needs or personal preferences. We progress at the pace that is right for you and great care is taken to ensure your comfort throughout. At your first appointment your personal history is taken to fully understand the patterns and build-up of stresses that have lead you to come here in the first place. Roots of stress and states of dis-ease and illness can have surprising origins but if these are energy based, that is, created from a basis of emotional or spiritual stress (as so often they are), then energy Healing is the only way forward to help you heal properly; if you have developed physical or mental illnesses then this gives the body or the mind a much better chance to heal itself. In cases of medical problems, it is always important to maintain your appointments with your doctors as it is they who deal with the physical and psychological; healers deal with their energy counterparts. Therefore energy Healing is a perfect complement to allopathic medicine.

Visualisation work may possibly follow and the results of such work are usually instant. This is a unique form devised by Jane, based on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Soul Rescue Healing and various other methods created, trained and developed over the years. It is a more relaxed, meditative method and allows the mind to open more freely to visualise more clearly and effectively. Many clients are surprised by this as they often arrive claiming they “can’t visualise”. For those comfortable with the concept, a more profound Spiritual application also can be applied to this visualisation and past lives and ancestral connections can be explored and removed if causing you continued distress. However, at no point is a client pushed into any avenue of therapy that makes them feel anxious, fearful or which might infringe upon their personal belief systems. Also, clients are never put into a full hypnotic trance and remain fully in control at all times.

Energy Healing and Balancing takes place on the therapy table (unless you prefer to stay sitting comfortably on the sofa or have a mobility restriction). You remain fully clothed, but may choose to remove your shoes and any heavier clothing. A large cosy blanket is offered for your added comfort! Spiritual Healing is a non-touch technique, whereas the use of crystals and sound will inevitably require bodily contact. Soul Rescue Healing also requires hands-on techniques. To complete a session, Vibrational Essences are used to comb the Aura to balance and calm your energy field, like a final polish.

Everything is fully explained to new clients who may not have previous experience of these deeper forms of therapeutic healing techniques and you are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed. If you would prefer not to receive any particular therapy, or indeed are especially keen on one, you only have to say and your wishes will be completely respected. As a professional therapist Jane practises with great care, consideration and discretion. She defines her work as transformative, deceptively deep, re-empowering and liberating, but with the fundamental aim of leaving you at peace with your past. Her approach is friendly, kind and respectful. Her nursing background gives her a greater insight into, as well as a balanced view of, spiritual and psychic states.

All appointments are £75 per hour.

Appointments available Monday to Saturday.

1st healing therapy sessions require 2 hours.

Healing appointments are either 1 or 2 hours long, depending on need.

Spiritual Guidance Readings are either 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Private tuition charged per hour. If shared with friends, reduced rates apply.


Discounted price for 2 hour Healing appointments*

*Discount does not apply for home visits. If call-out is more than 30 mins drive, £50 travel & time cost is added to the fee.


Spiritual Guidance Readings, 30 minutes


Paranormal investigation call-out and/or Psychic Assessment

Remote Viewing Assessment

£75 per hour, up to 2 hours

Call-out and House Healing, Jane only. (See Spiritus Exit, below)


SPIRITUS EXIT - Services of Jane Butterworth and Elizabeth Taylor for a full spirit release and negative energy clearing and healing for homes, businesses, buildings and land. Includes follow-up report and advice.

*Larger premises may require a larger team and Spiritus Exit are able to provide experienced and trustworthy psychic healers to complete the task professionally and efficiently. Extra fees apply.

£600 per house - Up to 4-5 beds*

Follow-up appointments are encouraged but never insisted upon. Sometimes clients only need a couple of sessions to set them straight again; it entirely depends on how deeply entrenched your problems are and what else you choose to explore and work upon as the details unfold. Therapy concessions are possible under special circumstances, for established clients only.

Regular appointments for maintaining your spiritual and psychic health are recommended. Problems can be recognised long before they get out of control and are much easier to clear as a result. The energy work keeps stress levels in check, keeps you aligned and grounded and helps you manage your life better.


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