Until moving to the beautiful Blackmore Vale in north Dorset, Jane worked mainly in the South East of England, where she built up a strong reputation for her professional approach to spiritual and psychic work. Originally she trained as an SRN at University College Hospital, London and for several years specialised in Intensive Care and Acute Medical nursing. This background not only supports and enhances her understanding of the holistic model of medicine, but also attracted the role of teaching Anatomy & Physiology to Crystal Healing students for several years.

Training: Jane is fully trained and insured to practise, with over 30 years of formal experience. All Healing therapies listed, initially, took 2 years to complete their training courses, with the exception of Soul Rescue, which takes 3 years. Jane now holds the Advanced Level Certificate and is Secretary of the Soul Rescue Society. Other training courses have been undertaken over the years to further experience and understanding.

Spiritual Healing
National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Crystal Healing
International College of Crystal Healing
OCN accredited

Sound Healing
(Tim) Wheater Sound Academy

Soul Rescue Healing
Sacred Healers (Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan)
Advanced Level Certificate

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

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