Spiritual & Psychic Development

Jane has long been established as a teacher of the whole subject of spiritual and psychic development and safe practice. She began The Pendragon Group over 20 years ago and classes are now held fortnightly in Godalming. The group has acted as a safe foundation and springboard for so many future psychics and healers, many now teaching and practising themselves.

Visualisation Meditation and self-healing techniques play a strong part in development work, as much as alignment to the highest and purest vibrational levels and to the kingdoms of the Earth. Workshops and Courses are available during the year at different venues. Jane’s teaching ranges from the very grounded to the highly profound but always in a safe, sensible environment, with absolute respect shown to everyone.

As well as the Pendragon Group, there is the Self-Healing & Meditation Class, both of which are held on Monday nights at 7pm and alternate with each other. There is an additional Pendragon Group meeting every other Monday morning at 10am. Cost £14 per class or £120 for 10 classes.

  • Workshops
  • Private Tuition
  • Magazine articles

For many years, Jane has contributed to various New Age magazines, including Kindred Spirit and Paradigm Shift, and she continues to write regular columns with "The Connections" magazine and "Psychic Link," in which she is responsible for the Q & A page.

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Private tuition on all spiritual and psychic subjects is available.

For example:

Crystal Healing
Spiritual Healing
Psychic sensing
Understanding the Spirit world on Earth or beyond
Spiritual Hygiene
Safe Spiritual Meditation
Self-Healing Meditation, tools and techniques
How to read divination cards
Etc etc!

Costs per hour can be reduced if shared with friends. Further details at Appointments & Fees.

Contact: jane_butterworth@btinternet.com

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