Spiritual Healing

This is the practice of channelling high vibrational energy into the energy system of someone’s body and Aura. For Jane this comes via the hands, body and voice. A non-touch technique where the Healer works throughout your system, clearing negative areas, releasing stress, dissolving old energy patterns and restoring your energies of mind, body, spirit and emotion. An entirely holistic process that wonderfully complements all other therapies and medical practices. Your whole system is brought into a state of balance which gives your mind and body a chance to heal yourself, whether the problems are physical or psychological. Best for general release of stress and balancing out after traumas and upsets. Very grounding, an essential need when thrown by life’s challenges, such as after illness, during health crises, relationship dramas, serious decision making, bereavement and loss, crises of self-confidence etc.

Crystal Healing

This is Spiritual Healing with the use of gem crystals, minerals, metals and gem essences. It takes healing to a much deeper level and can dig out the most stubborn of entrenched energy patterns and attachments, transforming your energy fields to a state of calm, realigning and restoring you to your original energy blueprint. Crystals have also proved invaluable in clearing psychic attachments including spirit beings and ghost forms, ancestral ties and any other interfering forces. Jane is spiritually Guided to the correct layout of crystals and has access to a huge selection of beautiful grade A specimens, collected over the years when she retailed under the name of Pendragon Crystals. Excellent for deep stress problems of all kinds which can easily lead to physical and mental illness, as listed in Spiritual Healing, for tackling existing disease processes, but also deeper problems at a profound level which cannot always be identified but which are really preventing personal progress.

Sound Healing

Sound penetrates the body and energy system like no other vibration. In trained hands it can relieve pain and discomfort, release emotional pain and still the mind. On a more profound level it can alter your consciousness to connect you to deep spiritual frequencies, be used for meditation and transform your whole being. Jane has also developed sound techniques to loosen psychic attachments to the body and its energy fields. Jane owns a full range of sound tools from tuning forks, drums, rattles, bells, antique Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, to the mighty Earth and Moon gongs! Also, you can be taught to use your voice as a self-healing tool at home. For swift penetrative energy shifts, stress release and transforming stuck internal frequencies. Particularly helpful in energy clearing of buildings and land and works very well with Crystal and Spiritual Healing.

Soul Rescue Healing

Soul Rescue is the most profound form of Spiritual Healing, with psychic insights and often instant, transformative healing methods for you and your home (its building and surrounding environment). It can either be in the form of a personal appointment or as a home-healing visit, to investigate paranormal disturbances.

Personal Healing appointments

Many levels are explored and worked upon using all of the above techniques, including visualisation, crystals, sound and psychic healing. Sometimes the methods are quite physical, as stuck energy attachments literally have to be pulled out. Areas treated include: ancestral, past life and other spiritual blocks, energy and spirit attachments, as well as deep emotional and psychic ties to the living.

Experience has also shown an interesting link with physical aches and pains and these spiritual and psychic blocks. If they have proved to be the cause of the physical ailment, such removal creates and instant healing allowing the physical body to begin to recover and the pain to dissipate as the surrounding muscles relax. If such a cause can be identified by either the client or the healer then a discussion about how to avoid a reoccurence may be helpful.

Soul Rescue draws upon all Jane's skills as a Healer and, as Jane has become a leading specialist in the UK in this field, it is these appointments which clients are increasingly choosing. Over the past 10 years, this has become the appointment of choice for clients. It has proved to be the most effective treatment for long term results, while the impact can be swift and life changing. Also, for those at a crossroads or who feel truly stuck, this is the treatment you are most likely to benefit from.

Healing your home or business

Home visits are necessary for clearing spirits, negative atmospheres or just restoring harmony and peace. This can be appropriate when you have recently moved house, have completed some building works or if you suspect you have a psychic disturbance in your home that needs professional attention - yes, ghost busting! Simple assessments can be made by Jane but for a full clearance service, she works with her business partner, Elizabeth Taylor. As 'Spiritus Exit', they provide a thorough service, brokering a peace between the two worlds of Spirit and Earth so that your life can return to normal.

Visits take about 4 hours for an average sized house (2-4 bedrooms). A thorough paranormal investigation is made, including research of the history of the site, a full entity clearing, followed by a full healing and balancing of the energies, to restore harmony back to your home. Only in severe cases would a second appointment be needed. A follow-up report is sent by email. While an immediate sense of peace should be evident after a home visit, it can take a few weeks for energies to calm down if the troubles were long-term and deeply embedded in the fabric of the land or building. Likely outcomes are always discussed and the client can be reassured that help is possible. Of course discretion and confidentiality is always maintained.

Because of the nature of this very specialised field of work, Jane works carefully with clients, explaining what she finds or needs to do, but will hold back details if a client is uncomfortable about knowing them and just wants the job done! Also because the work is about clearing negativity, it is strongly advised that children under12, very vulnerable or ill people or anyone who is otherwise impressionable, are not present during the proceedings. The use of sound instruments, especially drumming, can upset pets as well.

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