Welcome. For over 30 years, Jane Butterworth has trained, developed and promoted her work as a Spiritual Health Practitioner. She sees clients in Godalming, Surrey.

As a Crystal, Sound, Spiritual & Psychic Healer, Soul Rescue practitioner (ghosts and human attachments), Teacher, Spiritual Channel and Writer, Jane is fully engaged in all things holistic, spiritual and psychic. Her approach to this work is modern, careful and thoroughly grounded, and encourages people to really enjoy their development and interest in these subjects, letting go of the fear and nonsense that has been associated with it in the past! She is Secretary to the Soul Rescue Society.

This website also intends to be a continually evolving teaching and information point. Jane hopes you will find it helpful, inspiring and informative. Written articles also can be spotted from time to time in various New Age magazines, in print and online.

Enjoy discovering for yourself how you too can free yourself from past constraints through self-healing, meditation and using self-healing tools, to support you in your personal development, as well as private appointments for Spiritual and Psychic Healing, Stress Release, Psychic Clearance of your home or business and Readings.

Contact: jane_butterworth@btinternet.com

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