Introduction to Spiritual Health

Principle Healing Practices:

Spiritual Healing
Crystal Healing
Sound Healing
Soul Rescue Healing

Stress Release specialist
Visualisation & Meditation specialist
Spirit release, Ancestral, Past Life specialist

What Energy Healing Therapies Do:

In Holistic Medicine it is accepted that all illness is created by some form of stress, even an ‘unpredictable’ accident. But stress is not to be feared. Like a surgeon’s knife stress can heal as well as cut. Physical stress is needed for physiological functions to occur in the body and while mental or emotional stress can be exhilarating, inspiring even, it can also be destructive. It is how we manage stress that determines our general health. In modern life we are now bombarded by deep sources of stress from every direction, causing the human mind and body to tire easily, disrupting the immune system. However, part of the problem is that we are not yet brought up to believe in, let alone understand, the energy counterparts of our whole being and their huge importance in helping maintain good health. Worst still, there are still folk out there who place a demonic label on such beliefs and this medieval perspective is from a foundation of ancestral and past life fears not as a result of sensible research.

These healing practices aim to clear the many types of stress we hold onto, or that are implanted by others, which embed more and more deeply into our many layers of being as the years go by. Even though we are talking about pure energy (or impure energy to be exact!) such heaviness can be felt quite tangibly and often leads to physical and mental ill-health. As well as working on illnesses, Healing helps dissolve the energetic tension in relationship difficulties, grief, separation, depression, feeling lost or stuck, and can help you feel more able to move on with greater strength and a sense of purpose. Other roots of dis-ease can be found in ancestral inheritance, genetic DNA patterns, past life experiences still haunting a personality and Spirit attachments strongly and negatively influencing someone in their day to day decisions and ability to cope. A common example of this is when a client reports ‘I feel something is doing my head in, but it’s not me’, or ‘I can hear my father as I speak’ ‘I am my mother all over again’, ‘I feel detached, not properly connected to my body’ etc. In other words reorganising your energy fields re-empowers your whole self, your body, mind, emotions and, more profoundly, your Spirit. A knock-on effect often reported is that the immediate family of a client also can be affected by that client’s big shift. They find the lives of everyone around them begin to shift as well, for the better. Blocks in allowing progress that affected the whole family seem to lift away and their lives become more clear and smooth, as well as much more positive.

After any therapy session you should feel so much lighter as a result of being freed from such restrictions, although some people take a few days to adjust to the new frequencies and realignments, restored and transformed by Jane’s carefully developed and specialist healing methods. If you have many layers embedded within you, then each appointment will aim to dig a little deeper, until you are really clear. Some people will also have a degree of resistance inside them which is very typical with someone with long-term problems. Much patience and understanding is needed here but nothing is impossible, it can just take time and some soul searching and honesty on the part of the client.

This can be deep healing at its most profound level and communication and after-care is encouraged and support offered, between appointments, if needed.


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